SupaScript Hand Lettering

Specialising in wedding signage.
Chalkboards, wooden signage & digitised designs.

All of SupaScript's work is created completely by hand...
by the one very steady hand of owner and designer, Tanya.

Tanya's natural style is precise, typographic and versatile. To the amusement of her friends, she has always had several handwriting styles at her disposal and is now enjoying being celebrated for these.

SupaScript Hand Lettering was founded in April 2014. Custom lettering forms the majority of SupaScript's work, as Tanya works in consultation with you to develop designs to suit your needs. After relocating from Melbourne (Australia) in 2016, Tanya is now based in San Jose, California, and works with clients worldwide.

In addition to creating beautiful wedding signage and wall art, Tanya has designed hand lettered logos and signage for businesses and charities. She is always keen to find new applications for hand lettering - including large-scale installations - so please contact Tanya to discuss any ideas you may have.

Work in progress

Business Signage

Below is some of SupaScript's in-store and exhibition signage.
If you would like to enquire about signage for your business, please email

Exhibition signage

Detail of exhibition signage

Exhibition signage

Exhibition signage

Exhibition signage

In-store chalk lettering

In-store chalk lettering

Gifts & Celebrations

Hand lettered signs or prints can be the perfect gift to commemorate births, anniversaries and new homes...
or to celebrate Christmas, Mothers Day or any other special day.
Below are some of SupaScript's custom-made gifts for every occasion.
Some of the designs below will soon be available as prints or downloads on Etsy.
If you'd like to discuss your ideas for a personalised design, Tanya would love to hear from you.
Please email

Housewarming gift - Scripture chalkboard

Print of digitised design for Mothers Day

Scripture print - Zephaniah 3:17

Scripture print - Jeremiah 29:11

Wedding anniversary gift - plywood sign

Digitised design - baby name

Digitised design - baby name

Anniversary gift chalkboard

Mother's Day card

Chalkboard for baby shower

Christmas ornaments

Scripture print of a digitised design

Digitised design - a prayer

Digitised design - "Family"

French Provincial-style chalkboard

Chalkboard name plates

Digitised design - Scripture print

Digitised design for holiday home

Chalkboard for baby shower

Nursery art - walnut-stained plywood sign

Children's Party Chalkboard

Custom chalkboard

Wedding anniversary chalkboard

Digitised design - Scripture print

Digitised design

Custom natural plywood sign

Digitised design - birthday gift

Chalkboard for baby shower

Chalkboard for baby shower

Just for Fun

The designs below were made just for fun and showcase some of Tanya's lettering styles.
If you like what you see below, check out @supascript on Instagram for more designs and styles.

Digitised design

Digitised design

Thanksgiving design

Digitised design

Happy New Year

Digitised design

Stay Weird

Digitised design

Hand lettering on sheet metal


Digitised design

Digitised design

Digitised design for Valentines Day



Personalised signs or prints make unique gift for newlyweds and new parents, or a thoughtful gift to mark anniversaries, new homes, new beginnings or simply as a special birthday or Christmas gift.

Digitised images can be purchased via Etsy for personal use only.
Custom signage/images for any occasion can also be ordered via private message on Facebook.

Terms and Conditions are available here. Please read carefully prior to payment.


What do you draw with on your chalkboards?
There are two options for drawing on chalkboards: chalk or chalk markers. While I do use both for different purposes, I usually prefer to use chalk for the old-world charm it imparts.

Will the chalk rub off?
No – I spray the chalk with fixative, which makes it smudge-resistant. I still advise care when handling and suggest you minimise touching the chalk, but it should handle accidental wipes. (I have chalkboards that have successfully survived young children’s parties!)

Can I meet with you to discuss my ideas?
Yes, please do! Although small jobs don’t necessarily require face-to-face discussion, it is often really helpful to discuss larger projects or wedding signage ideas in person. I am located in the South Bay Area, California. Please email me or contact me on Facebook to arrange a consultation time.

How much notice do you need for an order?
Quite simply, the more notice you can give me, the better. I am happy to take orders up to a year in advance as some months are very busy. If insufficient notice is given, a surcharge may apply or I may not be able to accept your order.


If you want to see more of Tanya's work, follow @supascript on Instagram to see a steady stream of designs.

For any questions or comments, please contact Tanya via Facebook or email